Looking for the Perfect Character

Before being researchers, we are designers, and therefore aesthetics play a very central role in the production of our research tools. After going over a dozen illustrators in Lebanon, we decided to collaborate with Fouad Mezher, a talented young Lebanese illustrator and animator. The main criteria for the most appropriate character for our cultural probe kits were:

  1. The character should look genderless enough to appeal to both boys and girls.
  2. The character should look hip and edgy to reflect today’s image of ‘cool’ teenagers.
  3. The character should be quite flexible in expressions and movements to convey the attitudes and questions provided in the kit.

We worked with Fouad over a month trying to find the perfect character, and we finally landed on one we could all agree. We are still not sure what to name it, we though perhaps a 3 letter name that can be male and female would work best. Any suggestions are welcome.



5 thoughts on “Looking for the Perfect Character

  1. The first name that popped into my head when I saw the 2 middle characters above was “Ray”. Don’t ask me why 🙂

    PS. The yellow one is the cutest.

  2. Fouad is a real talent indeed!
    The last character is the more genderless, and it does looks eggy and hip (at least for me). Although its colors are a bit repelling, and the texture is totally contracting with the cool hip look of the character.
    Other then that the work is beautiful 🙂 I can feel the hard work you went through for the character design.
    And Noor, i love Zip the name.

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