how to illustrate what we do?

The MENA Design Research Center has been BUSY. Within the past 2 weeks we have taken part in conferences, workshops, meetings with funding organizations, new project proposals, new encounters, and ever more questions and interests regarding our work. We have been asked by a local TV station and a few magazines to illustrate what we do and how we work.

So first we mapped out our process (as we usually do) and discussed the goals we would like to achieve by creating awareness about our center. Now we have to visualize it within a video perhaps by providing an example of a problem, and a step by step tutorial. We also thought of some interactive ways of providing the information to the audience. How can we create interest in design research, and show why we need it to create social change? What issue can we use as an example that can clearly lead the viewer from start to finish through the design process? What issues interest the Lebanese audience most? How can we spark ideas and provide insight to the public with this video?  These are questions we are currently discussing, and as we believe in participatory methods, your input is well welcome.


2 thoughts on “how to illustrate what we do?

  1. Maybe create an infographic that would combine all of the above: your process, your research, and the interviews with the people. They would provide the content for the video!

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