Last week’s talk at AltCity

Last week Doreen Toutikian gave a talk about Design for Social Innovation within a mini-conference about Social Entrepreneurship  hosted by AltCity in Beirut. As many of the attendees were part of non-profit organizations, and very few of them were aware of how design thinking can help them with creative problem solving; the discussions that followed brought on new possibilities for collaboration. Many of them wanted to learn more about the design thinking process from research and ideation to prototyping and implementation. After further discussions with David Munir Nabti, head of AltCity,  there might be a series of workshops regarding this matter in the near future.

On a more recent note, the crowd was also informed of our new project DESMEEM which will be launched next week, so stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Last week’s talk at AltCity

  1. Doreen-
    The talk was fantastic, and great work on your efforts to bring more of the “design thinking” approach to non-profits, and other social change efforts, in Lebanon. I look forward to connecting, and collaborating, more in the future!



  2. Zeina Awaydate says:

    Doreen it was amazing meeting you during the workshop :))) !! Can’t wait till you launch desmeem ,, Yalla we’re on it girl

    P.s : I’m waiting for you till you come back from your trip so we can meet 😉

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