On Sunday the 11th of March, DESMEEM introduced its first event, D-Factor Day. All applicants that made it through the first selection phase were asked to come down to Babel Theater in Beirut and present a speech on stage. Thirty six designers and architects of various disciplines and universities, including students and working graduates, gave a speech 20 years in the future about an award they received because of DESMEEM. By choosing one of the 10 themes of the project, each awardee used his or her style of presentation and creative skills to accept this honorable  prize. Some thanked their teammates and mums, others referred to intergalactic aliens, some beat-boxed, and some danced. With a few nervous pauses and a lot of laughter, they all got to know each other a bit better. During the event, all participants had to vote for one another, this vote counts as 25% of their score. At the end of the event, they watched all the videos of the European designers who also gave the same speech. The final participants of DESMEEM will be announced today!



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