Pictures of BDW14

Here are but a few pictures from the events of Beirut Design Week 2014, including workshops, talks, exhibitions and more. Each event offered something new, something different and we look forward to sharing more pictures with you shortly.

Jan Kath, "What inspires us to design"

Jan Kath, “What inspires us to design”

"Fostering Creativity and Design Thinking"

“Fostering Creativity and Design Thinking”

The Storytelling Playground by Made for Brands

The Storytelling Playground by Made for Brands

Habatiq "Chasing Craftsmen"

Habatiq “Chasing Craftsmen”

Metamorphosis Exhibition

Metamorphosis Exhibition


The end of a fantastic week

Beirut Design Week 2014 has now ended, and we would like to thank everybody who attended. Thank you to the participants for sharing your work, thank you to the international guests who travelled from far and wide to be a part of our events, and thank you to the public who came along to discover BDW in its third edition. We hope you all had as much fun as we did, and see you all next year!


Fostering Creativity and design thinking

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be joined at the Lebanese American University by Mona Hatoum, Caroline Simonelli, Hilary Alexander and Esen Karol, who all came together to talk about their respective experiences in their fields.

Esen Karol walked us through her work in communications and graphic design, mentioning her collaboration with Mona Hatoum and her latest project “Don’t Forget To Remember”.


Mona Hatoum, video and installation artist then talked about her experience as a designer, from the day she graduated from LAU to last week. She spoke about her many exhibitions on the conflicts around Palestine and others featuring human hair.

Hilary Alexander, fashion journalist for the Daily Telegraph then took the stage and regaled us with stories from photo shoots around the world, and her own journey, “from typewriters to Twitter”.

Caroline Simonelli rounded off the talk with the story of her rise to fame through fashion design, and her success as a professor at Parsons.

All four of these inspirational women gave insightful talks as to the changes in the design world in the past few decades and the changes to come in future years. It was a very successful conference.


Hamra Day

Come along to the LAU Campus today at 6pm to listen to Hilary Alexander, Mona Hatoum, Caroline Simonelli and Esen Karol talk about their experience in their respective fields. The conference is entitled “Fostering creativity and design thinking” and we look forward to seeing you there!

Today we have a great number of workshops on offer, including ones on Interaction design, service design, jewelry design, co-creation and innovation, fashion design, fashion journalism and startup design. Feel free to stroll around the area, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the red Beirut Design Week flag!


Gemmayze and Sursock day


Yesterday, we again had a series of very successful events. Our guest Dutch Designers gave a talk on each of their respective design fields in the Beirut Souks and explained in detail about their wish to collaborate more actively with the Arab World through their work.


Rowan Bain also gave a talk on International Design in the Victoria & Albert Museum London in Dawawine, followed by a discussion with Najla el Zein and Maurice Asso.

The day also featured many exhibitions and workshops along Gemmayze, which allowed participants to stroll at their leisure down the street, exploring the designers’ work along the way. The workshops included a wide variety of activities, ranging from accessory making to learning about Financial tools to start and expand your business.

The day was then rounded off at Le Gray with a fantastic designer dinner!

We look forward to seeing you in Hamra today!


Nouvelle vague: the new french domestic landscape

“Les nouvelles forces du design français: une nouvelle fièvre entrepreneuriale”


Cedric Morisset and Pauline Deltour came together yesterday at the Institut Français to talk to us about how the design scene across France has changed in the recent past. Even in the past ten to fifteen years, Morisset says, a growing number of young French editors has emerged, which means that a lot of French designers can now produce in France, rather than abroad. These editors include Moustache, Petite Friture, Superette, Specimen, Saint Luc, Goodbye Edison and many more besides.

This is a departure from old ways, when Roche Bobois and Ligne Roset were the only famous French editors. Indeed, this new phenomenon means that a new, younger generation of more international-minded designers are emerging, creating their own brands and developing them with the help of the previously listed editors. France is evolving, opening itself up in many ways to new possibilities, and design is one of the fields benefiting from these changes.

Morisset concludes by saying that these designers are being encouraged to take new initiatives, and he looks towards the future to see how the French design scene will incorporate itself more actively into the international community Beirut Design Week is helping to create.

Pauline Deltour, a designer herself then takes over to talk about her different sources of inspiration. These include “Legacy” in a big way, because she worked alongside Puiforcat for many years and a lot of her collection reflects their work. In particular, their collaboration on the “Argent de Poche” collection illustrates this relationship.

Next, Deltour moves on to talk about “Material Exploration”, for which she mainly used metal wire, bending it to her will to create anything from draining boards to umbrella stands. Next, she spoke of the “Manufacturing Process”, talking at length about the new innovative techniques she discovered, again using metal wire as a key material in her work. She explained that she wanted to use “existing anonymous objects”, which is to say everyday materials and objects that are barely noticed anymore, taking them and using them in new, innovative ways. An example of this would be a copper pot, of the type we’ve all seen at Grandma’s house, and using the material, flattening it and transforming it into a table top that was later used by an Italian restaurant as the dimensions of the table matched the dimensions of the pizza.

She therefore uses culture’s influence a lot, adapting her work following the people she collaborates with, be they Italian, Japanese, French or other, and uses layers, landscapes, valleys and stone gardens to develop her work along many different lines.

The talk was very successful and a brilliant insight into what the design scene of France looks like. We look forward to welcoming Pauline and Cedric back in the future!


Beirut Design Week 2014 is officially launched!

Last night, Monday 9th marked the official launch of Beirut Design Week 2014, with three key exhibitions starting us off. This year, we were delighted to welcome guests, both local and international to the Beirut Souks, where the Contemporary Danish Architecture Exhibition and the Dutch Design Exhibition both took place. Everybody gathered in the jewelry section for drinks, music and of course to discover the work of international designers including Rik Runge, Jasper Van Grootel, Mieke Meijer and Roy Letterlé, Dennis Meulenbroeks and Aike Heuvelink and Niels Bakkerus right here in the heart of the city.
As the sun set, we made our way over to the Newcomers Exhibition in Saifi, the third launching event of this week. One plus One, Moi et ma Puce, We Shape Hearts, Sacoche, Kera, Karma J, Nour Hage, Sana’ and Siwar Kraytem all came together in one space to show off their new designs and collections, to great success. The street was crowded with people excitedly talking about the numerous talented young artists participating in Beirut Design Week.
We have a lot of exhibition spaces in Saifi Village, so guests could walk around the streets, each shop displaying something different, from jewelry to fashion to graphic design. Plastik Magazine also had a huge success with their pop-up shop.
The crowd then moved on to Central for drinks and canapes, a perfect end to a great evening.
Join us throughout the week for more exhibitions all across the city. For more details, click here.


Meet the 93 participants of BDW14

Come along to our Beirut Design Week events to meet the 93 Lebanese designers taking part this year. These artists range from fashion designers to graphic designers, including furniture design, service design, jewelry design and urban & landscape designers and architects.

For full details about what’s on where, click here.