Beirut Design Week 2012 Report

Dear Friends of Beirut Design Week,

The first Beirut Design Week 2012 was a great milestone for Lebanon and the Middle East as it was the first of its kind in the region. The reason behind the success of Beirut Design Week was the fact that we as a design community at large collaborated together and each participant, partner and sponsor put great effort into the event. In honor of this week, we have created a report of all the events and communications that contributed in making Beirut Design Week 2012 a week to remember.

The Beirut Design Week was proudly organized by the MENA Design Research Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of design, and developing its role as a creative tool for the enhancement of society at large.

Please visit the link below to look through the pages that will remind you of your experience of that week, and perhaps highlight some events that you might have missed. Feel free to share the link with your friends and colleagues.

See you at Beirut Design Week 2013.


The Process behind the Beirut Design Week Logo

In the MENA Design Research Center, we take design very seriously. For all our graphic work, we consult extensively with our brilliant graphic designers in the studio which belong to Tagbrands. Every design process is democratic, and everybody is welcome to share their opinion. So we thought we’d share with you the process behind our new logo.

The Beirut Design Week logo is inspired from our DESMEEM logo, which has been our main project since December 2011. By using the triangles inside the logo, we came up with interesting shapes and patterns that could reflect the Beirut Design Week vibe.

We knew that we wanted something vey vibrant, edgy, dynamic and bright. We wanted it to reflect what is considered trendy in the 2D design world. And most importantly, we wanted it to look global. So we tried putting the triangles together in a shape that combines all those aspects using the desmeem colors and exploring just hues of one of two colors. We came up wit the following, which we were not too happy about yet. We stuck to Helvetica Neue bold condensed, as it was also main typeface used on DESMEEM.

So we took a vote, most people preferred the monochromatic options and wanted the shape to be somewhere between the first (too crazy) ones and the last (too subtle) ones. So we experimented a bit further.

Then, it was decision time, we altered the shapes to avoid looking like a dancing star, or something too unstable. We also realized that even though we love our trendy summer colors, next to other logos, they seemed a bit pale. So we went full throttle with bright red. Now we are finally satisfied with a unanimous vote throughout the studio!



The MENA Design Research Center is proud to be launching the first Beirut Design Week (June 25-30). If you are a contributing member to Beirut’s design scene, we would like you to participate in this event.

Beirut Design Week is the first official design week to ever take place in Lebanon and the MENA region. During the week between the 25th and 30th of June, Beirut will be welcoming some of the world’s most influential design educators and professionals from Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA as well as introducing to the public our local design scene. With a series of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and screenings across the city, we will be celebrating the role of design in our contemporary culture, society, education and economy.

The website will be complete soon; meanwhile, for any inquiries regarding participation, please contact us at