Design Without Borders Conference & Exhibition in Oslo

On November 1st 2012, Design Without Borders, a 10-year project in association with Norsk Form and DOGA organized an international conference with a curated exhibition of the collected works in Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs being a partner of this project, invited over 50 designers, educators and professionals from 20 countries around the world. Two people from the Arab World (MENA) were invited as well: Doreen Toutikian, Director of the MENA Design Research Center from Lebanon and Younes Duret from Morrocco.

About Design Without Borders: ” In the field of both design and development aid, there is increasing awareness about the important contribution design makes towards solving the challenges facing developing countries. The last decade has shown us that designers, in their enthusiasm to act, often underestimate the complexity of the challenges they undertake and create practical but inappropriate solutions. Similarly, the developing communities are often so overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation that they are unable to innovate effectively. The conference Design without Borders – Creating Change focuses on the work and thoughts of designers, organizations and entrepreneurs that have managed to find a way of combining complexity and action, effectively using design to create change in real world situations.”

The Speakers: Leif Verdu-Isachsen (Norsk Form), Cynthia E. Smith( Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum), Tor Inge Garvik (Laerdal Global Health), Sille Askefrø Bjørn (INDEX: Design to Improve Life), Eve Blossom (Lulan Artisans), Elizabeth Palmer (Danish Refugee Council), Ole Chr. Kleppe (SuSan Design), Anna Kirah (Steria), and Nita Kapoor (FK Norway)

The conference was followed by a curated tour of the exhibition which was a collection of products, architecture, and services that have been designed and implemented through Design Without Borders for developing countries over the last decade.

For more info about Norsk Form and Design Without Borders click here. Photo credits: Norsk Form/Kjersti Gjems Vangberg