Beirut Design Week 2015, Entrepreneurship, EVENT, Market

Beirut Design Week Meets Live Love Beirut at Mzaar

Every year Lebanon celebrates the feast of the Virgin Mary in mid August. The national festivities usually take place in the mountains and are a call to all the residents and tourists to leave the coast and enjoy a day of cool breezes, sunshine, local markets, entertainment and -of course- food. For the first time Beirut Design Week took a small group of its young and talented designers and migrated for one week outside of the Capital to take part in this event in Mzaar in partnership with Live Love Beirut. As a means to promote young talent and help designers sell their products and services the Designer Market was designed and developed by MENA DRC. Exhibitors included the lovely Vanina designers, Creative Space Beirut, Ghassan Salameh, Second Street, Patil Tchilinguirian, Kaheled el Mays, Waste, Oddfish, Celine Khailarallah, We Shape Hearts and Margherita. Apart from a fantastic week where all the designers got to know each other better and discuss their careers, challenges and sales methods; many of them made good profit and a few new long-term clients. As a first trial of BDW to be part of another event, it was a relative success with many lessons learnt for the coming years

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