Fostering Creativity and design thinking

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be joined at the Lebanese American University by Mona Hatoum, Caroline Simonelli, Hilary Alexander and Esen Karol, who all came together to talk about their respective experiences in their fields.

Esen Karol walked us through her work in communications and graphic design, mentioning her collaboration with Mona Hatoum and her latest project “Don’t Forget To Remember”.


Mona Hatoum, video and installation artist then talked about her experience as a designer, from the day she graduated from LAU to last week. She spoke about her many exhibitions on the conflicts around Palestine and others featuring human hair.

Hilary Alexander, fashion journalist for the Daily Telegraph then took the stage and regaled us with stories from photo shoots around the world, and her own journey, “from typewriters to Twitter”.

Caroline Simonelli rounded off the talk with the story of her rise to fame through fashion design, and her success as a professor at Parsons.

All four of these inspirational women gave insightful talks as to the changes in the design world in the past few decades and the changes to come in future years. It was a very successful conference.